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GDP BMU supply, install, maintain and upgrade Building Maintenance Units (BMU’S)


BMU Design & Supply

GDP has a partnership with XS Platforms in the Netherlands, who are one of the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of Building Maintenance Units. Together we can design, build and install a new BMU that fits with your building’s requirements.


Given the cost and difficulty of replacement, most BMU’s tend to have long life spans. Making old machines preform to today’s standards can be a challenge. GDP can provide advice in relation to end of life planning. We can also assist in modernisation programs that might include electrical upgrades, the addition of glass handling equipment or winch replacements.

Compliance Maintenance

BMU’s are typically used in high risk activities. Failures of critical components can result in serious incidents. Owners and facility managers are becoming increasing aware that they need to maintain and repair their BMU’s in accordance with the relevant legislation and Australian Standards. GDP can assist in all elements of ongoing maintenance and reporting to ensure that you are compliant with your responsibilities and that your risk is minimalised.

Repairs & Upgrades

GDP have the largest and most responsive BMU maintenance team in Melbourne. We have superior internal systems to ensure that our team operate at the highest possible level of work place safety. We pride ourselves on customer service  and ensuring that we deliver value for money.  Our goal is keeping your BMU operational so it can be utilised for what it was designed to do.

Major Inspections   

Major Inspections of BMU’s are governed by the relevant Australian Standard (AS 2550). Recent developments within the industry suggest that a more frequent consideration of at least some of the BMU’s critical components may be prudent. Regardless of the scope and frequency, GDP can complete your major inspections for you. We partner in this process with Altitude FAC, who are a specialist independent BMU Consultancy.

24/7 Service Response

Located proximate to the CBD with the largest service team and the most service vehicles, GDP BMU can typically assist you in a more timely manner than our competitors. Given our lower hourly rates and lack of call out charges, we can also typically provide a more cost effective outcome.


Matthew Tisdall
BA BB (Property) Director
Stephen Verity
BMU Operations Manager
Daniel Woodward
BMU & Height Safety Manager

41 — 47 Racecourse Road
North Melbourne Victoria 3051
Phone — 03 9329 8300
Email —

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